The Proposition (2005)

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The Proposition

This land will be civilized.

20051 h 44 min

Set in the Australian outback in the 1880s, the movie follows the series of events following the horrific rape and murder of the Hopkins family, allegedly committed by the infamous Burns brothers gang. Captain Morris Stanley captures Charlie Burns and gives him 9 days to kill his older dangerous psychopathic brother, or else they'll hang his younger mentally slow brother on Christmas Day.

Title The Proposition
Original Title The Proposition
Tagline This land will be civilized.
Director John Hillcoat
Runtime 1 h 44 min
Release Date 6 October 2005
Budget $2,000,000
Revenue $5,048,693
IMDb Id tt0421238
Country  Australia United Kingdom
Languages English
Adult No
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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In The Proposition, A lawman apprehends a notorious outlaw and gives him nine days to kill his older brother, or else they’ll execute his younger brother.
Quality: HD 720p.
Year: 2005.
Genre: Crime, Drama, Western.
Movie Length: 104 min.
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Released on: Fri 09 Jun 2006 UTC
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Directors: John Hillcoat.
Stars: Ray Winstone, Guy Pearce, Emily Watson, Richard Wilson.
IMDb Rating: 7.4/10 from 43,868 Users.


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