9th Company (2005)

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9th Company

They stood together while their country fell apart

20052 h 19 min

The picture opens in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in late 1988, when military trainees Petrovsky, Ryaba, Chugun, Stas, Pinochet, Lyutev and Vorobyev are whipped into shape at a training camp by the brutal, sadistic commander, Warrant Officer Dygalo - prior to being sent off to the front lines. After several one-by-one dalliances with the local whore, Snow White, and a cautionary lecture on the history, geography and culture of Afghanistan (which most of the men sleep through), the trainees head off to battle - first to the Bagram air base, then to the Afghani province of Khost to secure supply lines. But nothing can begin to prepare them for the brutal devastation into which they are plunged, or the relentless tide of slaughter that scatters thousands of Soviet victims in its wake.

Title 9th Company
Original Title 9 рота
Tagline They stood together while their country fell apart
Runtime 2 h 19 min
Release Date 19 September 2005
Budget $9,500,000
Revenue $24,000,000
IMDb Id tt0417397
Country  Russia Ukraine Finland
Languages Russian
Adult No
Movie Status
Movie Rating Not rated
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In 9th Company, Young Soviet Army recruits are stuck in the bloody war in Afghanistan, that was started by politicians.
Quality: HD 720p.
Year: 2005.
Genre: Action, Drama, History, War.
Movie Length: 139 min.
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Released on: Thu 29 Sep 2005 UTC
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Directors: Fedor Bondarchuk.
Stars: Artur Smolyaninov, Aleksey Chadov, Konstantin Kryukov, Ivan Kokorin.
IMDb Rating: 7.2/10 from 16,797 Users.


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